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Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) plays a critical and most important role in a company. In order to achieve growth in the long run and which is sustainable growth, it is vital for an organization to make sufficiently accurate and effective planning or strategies to take financial decisions. Multinational companies hire rich experienced people having appropriate experience of a particular field and pay them handsome however for other small and medium scale companies to find it difficult to meet the cost of highly qualified and rich experience individuals. Outsourcing CFO services has multiple benefits. It allows you to minimize expenditure and have a good source of knowledge which helps you survive in the long run and most importantly it provided splendid growth to your Company. We at Letscomply provide you with the Virtual CFO Services and take care of your finances from a 360-degree perspective. Our rich experience allows you to make vital finance decisions and exponential business scalability and growth.

We can help you with Budgets & Forecasting, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) analysis, Cash Flow Management, Financial Analysis & Modeling, Financing, Special Projects and Working with Professionals (CPA, Banker, Attorney, Etc.).

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  • Develop, maintain and improve Governance Standards
  • Sounding board to CEO/Founders
  • Establishing Advisory Boards
  • Succession Planning


  • 5-year Company business plan
  • 1-year Budgets
  • Development of Promoter’s Vision/ Mission Statement
  • Monthly Review Meetings


  • Raising/ Restructuring Bank loans
  • Private Equity
  • Assistance with pre-IPO preparation.


  • MIS Dashboard development
  • Treasury Management
  • Performance Management systems for employees
  • Customer and Product Profitability
  • Recruitment of a professional Top Management team
  • Reports on Blackberry” Business Intelligence Tools


  • Vendor/Distributor Due Diligence
  • Vendor/Distributor IT Implementation


  • Data Room Preparation
  • Liaison with potential acquirers, targets or collaborators
  • Liaison with foreign partners
  • Deal negotiations with vendors and customers


CFO Services Online is a full-service law firm and is the best platform for all your Legal, Finance and Taxation needs. In today’s digital era of future-proof vision for technology escalation in the domain of legal and finance, possessed with a natural flair for trespassing the convolutions of business needs with unvarying attention and continual learning curve, we bring to you the concept of Virtual Intelligence by way of Virtual CFO (vCFO) and Virtual General Counsel services to enable accelerated growth to your business by managing both legal and finance activities, a vital and technical but very important function for any business. We are a team of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Corporate Lawyers, Management Experts, IP Attorneys, and Technologists, who are ready to assist you as per your convenience.